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Reopening Brokerages

Best Practices for Reopening Your Real Estate Office

Although real estate was named an essential service throughout the State of Emergency, many real estate brokers elected to close their physical offices. Now that we have entered Phase 2 of the Reopening Plan, many offices are considering reopening their brick and mortar locations. If you choose to have your brick and mortar workspace open to employees and customers, you must, at a minimum, follow the guidance released by the Commonwealth

What does this mean for your real estate office?

  • Encourage agents to only come into the office when necessary – i.e. dropping of checks or contracts. Require advance notice of when agents will be in the office to ensure proper occupancy limitations. 

  • Maintain a date & time log of all individuals who enter the office.

  • Conduct client meetings and trainings remotely whenever possible.

  • Do not allow shared desks or sharing of office equipment.

  • Provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

  • Clean and sanitize all high-touch surfaces in the office frequently, but at least daily and in between uses of shared spaces.

  • Encourage workers and visitors to wear masks whenever possible.

  • Use the COVID-19 Prevention Plan Template

  • Download the Office Space Checklist

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